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Weekly Announcements

Fort Lupton Middle School

Monday, January 16, 2017

  • No School in observance of Martin Luther King Jr.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

  • Power Hour in room 325 and North Computer Lab 3:30-4:30
  • Chess Club for all levels – room 140 3:30-4:30
  • Critics Club in the library 3:30-4:15
  • Wrestling vs Estes, Turner and Weld Central @ Turner-dismissed @ 2:30
  • HS Wrestling in our Gym 5:00-9:30
  • Metro Wrestling in the Bachicha Gym 6:00-8:00 p.m.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

  • Drama Club in the Auditorium – 3:30-4:30
  • Teen Club @ the HS Library – Magazine Craft Jewelry - 3:30-5:30 - Teens 11-18  Limit 15  Sign up early!
  • Girls Basketball vs Valley 7th home and 8th away – dismissed @ 2:50

Thursday, January 19, 2017

  • Power Hour in room 325 and North Computer Lab 3:30-4:30
  • Metro Wrestling in the Bachicha Gym 6:00-8:00 p.m.

Friday, January 20, 2017

  • Bluedevil/College Wear Day
  • School store open @ 3:30 Star Cards are worth .25 cents each
  • After school detention in room 302 3:30-4:30 (for 3 tardies)

Saturday, January 21, 2017

  • Recreation Basketball in Big Gym – 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Star Students for the Week 

6th Grade:  Yasira R. – Yasira is a positive role model, and always completes quality work.  She is helpful and always has a smile to share.

7th Grade:  Justin L. – Justin is an excellent student who is quick-witted and funny.  His energy and attitude bring a joy to his classmates and the energy in the room.  His hard work is evident in his performance in all of his classes.

8th Grade:  Arturo L. – Arturo is a very disciplined student who has worked hard at being successful.  He’s also grown as a student by advocating for himself and by challenging himself to constantly do better.

Unified Arts:  Diana M. – Diana has become a true leader in our AVID school.  She exemplifies AVID school wide with her exemplary use of interactive notebooks, planners and Cornell Notes.  Two different teachers chose her notebooks to be used as exemplars at the AVID National Conference in Dallas.

Upcoming Events:

1st Trimester:

Progress Report: Grades due on Monday September 26th 2016; Handed out Wednesday September 28, 2016
Report Cards: Grades due on November 8th, 2016; Mailed out by Nov. 11, 2016
2nd Trimester: 
Progress Report: grades due on Wednesday January 11th, 2017; Handed out by Friday January 13th, 2017
Report Cards: Grades due on Thursday February 23rd, 2017; Mailed out Monday February 28th, 2017
3rd Trimester: 
Progress Reports: Grades due on Tuesday, April 11th, 2017; Handed out on Thursday, April 13th, 2017
Report Cards: Grades in before teachers leave Thursday, May 26th, 2017; Mailed out Thursday, June 1st, 2017



1.8th grade WEB students had a successful orientation for the 6th graders.2.Our Open House on Thurs. Aug. 25 was well attended...