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Welcome to the FLMS Chess Club. The purpose of our Chess Club is to help teach, improve, and enjoy the game of chess. 

Why join???  First of all, playing chess can be a lot of fun.  Additionally, it is a great opportunity to learn to play chess, to improve as a player and to socialize with others who enjoy a common interest.  Learning to play chess also benefits students by teaching them to focus, plan ahead, weigh options, respond to challenges and to think analytically.  Students who play chess develop analytical skills that will help them in the classroom.  Finally, the competitive aspect of chess will give players an opportunity to practice good sportsmanship. 

You don’t have to be a Chess Master to enjoy the “Royal Game” of chess. Not only is chess good for training a mind to think deeply, but there is something undeniably satisfying about saying the words “Check-mate” to an opponent. Come to share in the fun, and make great friends while you’re at it! WHO: Anyone interested in learning and enjoying chess WHEN: Every Tuesday after school, 3:30 - 4:30pm WHERE: Room 140 Fort Lupton Middle School Chess Club White to move and win in 1 move: Each week will include… -a short lesson -solving puzzles -playing chess -having fun!


All skill levels are welcome!

WHEN: Every Tuesday after school 3:30 – 4:30pm

WHERE: In room 209, across from the main floor restrooms.

See Mr. Marino for a Membership Application!

Weekly Chess Puzzles are also available in Mr. Marino's office if you would like a challenge!




Chess Club Links



www.chessvideos.tv -- Great website with a combination of narrated tutorials and  chess simulators. The Chess Videos menu has a bounty of narrated tutorials on openings, tactics, endgames and more.  Viewing these videos is for the serious student of chess. The Chess Endgame Simulator, by far one of the coolest endgame simulator I have seen.  I highly recommend chess club members spend time here practicing endgame situations.  This will really help your game.  Start with King/Pawn vs. King; King/Queen vs. King; and King/Rook vs. King.  Then try some of the others.  I had to try some of them "many" times before I could figure out how to win in that situation.  

http://www.kidchess.com/gamestoplay.html  A website for a chess club based in Atlanta, Georgia with some great online activities.   At the home page, under Learn Chess, there are some basic tutorials for beginners. 
Kid Chess Evaluator is a series of increasingly more challenging quizzes you can take to improve your chess skills. Easy Chess and J-Chess are chess computer opponents for players of different ability levels. There are also several End Game simulators to practice different end game situations.