August Middle School Celebrations
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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

1.8th grade WEB students had a successful orientation for the 6th graders.
2.Our Open House on Thurs. Aug. 25 was well attended by many families.
3.Lindsay Yost, along with Kathy Tillman, is creating a program that aligns with “Kids safe to school”. Currently the students, in health class, are creating routes from their homes to FLMS using Google maps. Next week during health classes, the students will practice bicycle safety riding their bicycles on an assigned route. Several teachers will also be a part of this ride.
4.We have 30 students going out for Student Council positions, with candidates giving their speeches about leadership and how they are leaders when working with peers on Friday, Sept. 2nd.
5.Our student population has increased to 496 an increase of 30+ students from last year.
6.We won $1,200.00 from FUTP60 again this year.
7.Colorado State Senator John Cooke will be visiting our school on September 23rd to learn about our status as an AVID National Demo School.
8.The middle school is off to a great start when it comes to the data process. Teachers have already utilized Galileo pre-assessment data to identify priority evidence outcomes to focus on unit by unit.
9.The middle school has implemented a variety of AVID driven PD opportunities for new and returning staff.

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