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Laura received her Bachelor of Arts from Colorado State University in 2008, where she majored in English (creative writing), minored in Philosophy of Religion, and received a certificate in Religious Studies.  She graduated from Regis University in 2014 with a Master of Arts in Literature and Creative.  After subbing in Thompson School District and loving her work, she began a second Master's degree at the University of Northern Colorado, this one as a Special Education Generalist.  She will graduate in May, 2016.  While attending UNC, she is always working on a certificate in Educating Students With Autism Spectrum Disorders.  She hopes eventually to enroll in a doctoral program to study curriculum development and inclusion for students with significant support needs and autism spectrum disorders.


After Laura graduated from CSU, she worked at Wal-Mart for two years stocking shelves and managing inventory overnights.  She was hired for contract work at LexisNexis and eventually hired as an editor in their textbook department.  When the department reorganized, Laura was laid off and enrolled in Regis University.  While there, she began subbing in Thompson School District, where she worked for two years before being hired at Fort Lupton Middle School.  Laura has also spent time observing in Poudre School District, working hands-on with students and learning from teachers.  Fort Lupton Middle School is her first teaching position, and she's very excited to be joining such a great district!


Laura has lived all along the Front Range, but Northern Colorado is where she's happiest.  Currently she lives in a big household - there are six adults and one child, plus a number of pets (including two goats, three dogs, a cat, two rats, and a snake).  She recently celebrated her fifth anniversary with her husband, whom she met while attending CSU.  She has a background in literature and creative writing, and spends a lot of her free time reading and playing board games.  She also likes gardening, and so do her goats, because they manage to sneak in every so often and destroy her raspberry bushes.

Here are a few interesting facts about Laura:

Her favorite movies are Star Wars and the Avengers franchise

Her favorite superhero is Hawkeye

Her favorite food is pulled pork with a vinegar-based barbeque sauce

She listens to a lot of classical and Celtic folk music, though she does like 90's country

Her favorite board game is currently Dominion

She can't ever pick her favorite book, so you'll always get a different answer to this question